Why watch soccer? To be a student of the game


Why Watch Soccer?

It is a True International sport

The rest of the world does, why not?

Let’s be honest. Americans are sleeping on the biggest sport in the world. Four years ago, somewhere north of 200 million people worldwide were expected to watch Chelsea defeat Bayern Munich in the 2012 Champions League Final. There will be even more people watching this year’s 2016 Champions League Final next week (May 28 @ 12:45pm Colorado time). How many watched the Super Bowl this past season? Around 111 million. And the viewing audiences for soccer are continuing to rise worldwide, as well as in the United States.

Another statistic you should look at is the numbers of fans worldwide. In 2013-14, FC Barcelona surpassed 100 million followers on social media. FC Barcelona is the first club anywhere in the world to reach this figure. Can you imagine how many hundreds of millions follow other soccer teams worldwide?

Soccer lives up to McDonald’s slogan when it says over a billion served. Yet as Americans, we turn up our noses in favor of our hard hitting sports such as football and basketball, and yet we’re missing out on a game that can have just as much drama as any other we play here. The best part of this sport is you can go anywhere in the US and out of the country and you are guaranteed to find someone who follows the sport. Plus, you may make a new friend for life based on that, whereas you can wear your favorite American football jersey to Greece and no one would notice or care.

Over a billion people can’t go wrong so why aren’t we picking up on it?




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